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The banner image is a shot along the Tuscarora Creek near my home town of Silvara, Pa. It's a wonderful place to amble through with nothing to hear except the bubbling of the water and the occasional cicada or song bird.

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Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

In early October the most beautiful rainbow appeared after a late afternoon shower. The rainbow was actually a triple: a bright core, a pretty bright outer ring, and a faint inner ring. And we had just had a most spectacular double rainbow just two days before. I was starting to expect a rainbow every day.


Brotzman is my family name. (The "o" is pronounced short, like "crux", not long like "bloat".) When I saw that the domain was available, I registered it. I'm not trying to block out any other members of the fine Brotzman clan, and I'd like to devote a fair share of this site to family.

I work as a contractor for the NASA Incident Response Center. We are the central clearinghouse for security incident information for NASA. I specialize in Unix and Linux security and in analyzing threats and exploits of Unix/Linux computer systems. Lately, I've been the info-guy, running our vulnerability alerting service and creating a new web site for IT security dedicated to NASA systems administrators and managers.

About the site

This site is my personal playground for learning web site design and development.

I am using modern standards for web site presentation, including XHTML and CSS 1 and 2. Some features may not work in all browsers. The browser I use is Mozilla 1.6, so that one should generally work OK. Most of the stuff works in Internet Explorer 6, and I test it occasionally just to make sure.

I've been using Linux as my primary desktop OS since 1994 (I think that was about kernel version 0.96). I wrote a book on Linux security for the SANS Institute and I lecture on the topic at various educational, governmental, and commercial venues. I have an updated version of the Linux security book that I plan to publish under an open document license very soon (it will appear under the "Linux" link above).

How to reach me

If you want to contact me about the site, my email is my first name and my last name with an "at" sign in between and a ".com" at the end. Let's see if the SPAM harvestors can collect that address. ;-)


Lee Brotzman