Welcome to the Brotzman Family Album, Version 0.2

This is an early draft of the first edition of the Brotzman family album. This is most definitely a work-in-progress. It is here only as an example of the direction I am heading. Directions change. Constructive criticism is welcome.

The photos shown here were scanned in by Steve Brotzman. I've finished the first sort, which moved all 250 or so pictures into the major categories you see here. Now comes the hard part: sorting the pictures in each category into a nice coherent gallery. I have additional personal photos of Steve's and others from John Brotzman and Tom Ennis that I am working on, too. It's gonna be a while before this is done, folks.

The first time through the album, I strongly recommend scrolling through the pictures and taking your time to browse. Click on any of the small images to see the full size photograph. Use the browser "Back" button to return to the album. Once you've seen everything, you can use the index in the left column. Click on a category title and you'll shoot right to that category.

Elston Brotzman

Senior Portrait

Piper Cub, Danville, Kentucky

Elston on his back porch


Retirement at Bendix, 1981

Painting the living room

Skinny Dad !!

Miami Beach Photos

Good food and good drink.

Leave after Graduation 1944

Dad in South Carolina. We think another girl took the picture. Hmmm....

Dad at Grandpa's cabin.

Dad's deer. Where's Dad?


Dad in his chair. Mom's 80th birthday.

Dad and Tom Pickett

Thelma Green

Mom posing in Grandma Bill's lawn

Mom around graduation time, 1938.

The Green Family

Thelma and MaryAnn

Thelma & Mable; Mable's the doll.

Thelma and Shep

Mom with Uncle Reed's daughter Mary Ann

Elston and Thelma

Elston and Thelma before they were married, mugging for the camera. Grandma Rose sent it to him during the war and wrote on the back.



Bonnie & Clyde

The day before leaving for boot camp.

1st leave after 18 mos!

1-1-1944, before graduation in Kentucky

2nd Lt Graduate

Dad with "Brownie" at the Green farm.

Niagara Falls after Discharge

Mom and Dad, before they were married

Dad at the Featherbee family reunion in Forksville. Mom was his date and took the picture.

Granny holding a cat, Second Street Laceyville

Dad and his rabbits, Second Street Laceyville

2nd st Sandra Keeler 1940.jpg

40th anniversary

Dad and Mom on Easter Sunday

Dad Xmas 78.jpg

Mom and Dad, while visiting Larry Titman in Albuquerque, NM

Dad visiting Mom before they were married. At the Green farm.

Mom and Dad in front of Aunt Vergie's house. A little slap and tickle.

T & E & Pat

Xmas 1984

Dad and Mom at her 80th.

Mom and Dad at Grandma Green's house
In Kentucky 1

In Kentucky 2

Mom and Dad and their kids

Dad 7-78.jpg


Tina wearing Dad's service cap

Dad and Tina at Grandma Rose's house

Steve John and Jeff

Steve about to get run over by Uncle Clifford's car

Tina in Grandma Green's garden

Granny and Julie and "one hell of a nice garden."

Dad and Steve

Tina, Dad and Mom at the Willy

Dad, Tina, and Mom on Easter, at the "Fireplace II"

L to R: Tina with her cake with Darlene and Mike Nesslein to the right of her. Grace Ellen Stevens is the girl to the far right (full figure) Alynne is the cut off figure farthest right.

Julie, John, Steve, and Mom holding Jeff

Dad, Tina and Mom at the "Done" house

Mom Dad Tina 9-12-43

Dad at John and Clarissa's wedding

Mom Dad and Tina at the cabin

July 1962; John, Dad and Mom at Rachel's and the Webb family reunion. Might be Steve Webb in the back

Kids and huckleberry

May 59; Mom's holding Lynne

Extended family back

Aug 1964, L to R: Roscoe Young, Edna (Young) Green, and Clifford Young

L to R: Dad, Grandpa Green, Grandma Green, Tina, Mom, Vergie and Unc

Hans Heimann. His wife, Blanch was a cousin to Grandma Green and Uncle Clifford.

Green's 50th anniversary party. L to R: Unc Elston, Grandpa Green, John, and Clyde and Roberta LaFrance.

Aunt Anna, Greens and Tina in the back.

Aunt Anna and Uncle Clifford

L to R: Rear: Aunt Anna, Laura, Hilda, Blanch Heimann, Front: Uncle Clifford and Hans Heimann

Uncle Bill

Aunt Kate

Kermit and Eloise at the Fireplace

Kermit, Eloise, Tina and Granny at the Williamston

Aunt Eloise

Elston and Ward edging the rose bed

Dad and Ward, still edging those roses.

Uncle Roscoe's family

Grandma & Grandpa Bill 1940

Grandma & Grandpa Bill 1917; In Wilkes Barre

Grandma & Grandpa Bill 1934

July 8 2001; Sitting L to R: Frannie Webb, Rachel Duran, Phyllis Webb, Thelma. Standing, John Webb, and Elston. Webb Reunion at Toni Martin's (Rachel's daughter).

Green Family 2

Smith reunion 1998; Blair Smith is on the right

L to R: Standing Anna, Clifford, Grandma, Laura, Blanch, Carl God, Granny, Unc. L to R: Sitting, Grandpa, Hans, Beatrice Johnson, Iva Johnson, Armeta God, Uncle Roscoe, Unknown (maybe Iva's husband) and Dad.

3rd from right in the back is Alynne Nesslein. Darlene and Mike are right in front of her.

Same birthday party picture.

Kermit, Thelma, Elston, Bill, Florence, and Eloise. Possibly at John's wedding at Windy Valley.

L to R: Jeanette, Armeta, Laura, Thelma, and Iva. at Ross Park.

July 1964; Roscoe family with Grandma and Grandpa Green and Vergie on the right.

Grampa Green, Dad, Grandma Green, Granny, Tina, Vergie, and Unc.

Grandpa Green, Carl God, Uncle Roscoe, Standing: Uncle Clifford, Unknown, Uncle Elston, Sitting: Dad, Tina and Hans Heimann.

Ward, Bill, and Elston.

Extended family forward: children

Elstina (Tina) Louise (Pickett) Brotzman

Tina and Steve, Easter Sunday


Tina and her birthday cake. Jerry Brugler is looking at the rabbit in the background.

Tina in Grandma Green's garden

Steve and Tina

Tina and Steve, check out the perm and the scarf

Jeff and Tina on the Silvara bridge

Tina Kid; First grade

Tina at the 4H fashion show

Tina In Florida

Tina hard at work

Tina, around '66 '67

Lynne and Tina in Paramus, NJ

Tina made mother-daughter dresses for Mother's Day.

Tina Farm; Who's that boy?

Tina Baby 3; At Grandpa Bill's (put a coat on that kid!)

Tina 2yr9mos

Tina Baby 3

Tina Baby

Tina Baby 2; In Uncle Elston's rocking chair at Grandma Green's

Tina at Grandpa Bill's

Tina and Lynne

Tina again

Tina and Lynne


Mom and Tina wearing a pink pinafore

Tina'a 4th B-day

Elstina Louise

Mom Dad and Tina at the cabin

Alynne and Tina

Mom & Tina

March 1959; Tina and Lynne
Dad and Tina, at Grandma and Grandpa Bill's log cabin


Dad and Tina at the cabin

To Uncle Reed from Elstina. Eleven days old.

Steven Bruce Brotzman

Steve about to get run over by Uncle Clifford's car

John in the buggy and Steve behind.

Steve and Tina

Steve John and Jeff

Tina and Steve, check out the perm and the scarf

Steve laying on the bathenette.

Tina and Steve, Easter Sunday

Steve and Nancy going to the prom

Steve (senior picture?)


Steve Nancy

Steve-Mike Bellinger

Steve, Mom, Natasha, Jeff, and Dad. (Mom still has that shirt).

Steve's college graduation. 1970

Drexel Graduation

Lee-Smokey-Champ-tiger; No that's Steve

John & Steve on the merry-go-round at the Silvara School

John France and Steve. He would drive Steve around in the cart. That's the Silvara house in the background.

John Green Brotzman

Steve John and Jeff

John in the buggy and Steve behind.

Jeff, John, and Julie

John's graduation

John & Steve on the merry-go-round at the Silvara School


Julie Aileen (Ennis) Brotzman

Awards Day 6-4-73

Jeff, John, and Julie

julie Jeff

July 1959; Julie and Jeff

Jeffrey Richard Brotzman

Steve John and Jeff

Jeff, John, and Julie

Jeff and Tina on the Silvara bridge

Jeff, about one and a half

Steve, Mom, Natasha, Jeff, and Dad. (Mom still has that shirt).

Jeff. "When I was kid the snow came up this high!"

julie Jeff

July 1959; Julie and Jeff

Lee Eric Brotzman

Lee, Jamie, Jon, Sean, and who's that mystery girl?

Extended family forward: grandchildren

Lee, Jamie, Jon, Sean, and who's that mystery girl?

Tina made mother-daughter dresses for Mother's Day.

Lynne's first Christmas

Lynne and Tina in Paramus, NJ

brandon 1980

Dad and Sean

1-84 Dad and Erica

1-84 Dad and Erica (2)

Dad and Christopher

Dad, Lynne, Roy and Granny


Erica, Dad, Chris and CD the cat

Tina and Lynne

LynneP 1 yr old

Tina and Lynne


Lynne in the swing

Building a snowman with Andrew.

Dad and Samantha in Wyalusing

Sammie and Grampy

Sean's graduation

Lynne behind bars

Lynne's first Christmas

Lynne, but not too happy.

Lynne in Westwood, NJ

J&J and Santa

Lynne and her Doll. "Happy feet"


Feb 1960; Lynne at their first apartment in Hackettstown, NJ.

Tina and Lynne in Paramus.

July 1960; Lynne

Kids and Lynne

Lynne-Julie at the house in Paramus

March 1959; Tina and Lynne

March 1959; Lynne 2 mo old.


Grandma and Grandpa Bill, Dad, Tina, Lynne and Lee

Lee and Susan's wedding with Grandma Bill

Jeff, Tina, Grandpa Green, John, Julie, Grandma Green

Grandpa and Grandma Green, Granny, Tina and Lynne

Grandma Green with Jon, Jamie, and Granny

Grampa Green, Dad, Grandma Green, Granny, Tina, Vergie, and Unc.

GGreen Mom AuntAnna T S; In front of the horse barn.

Dad, Grandma Bill, and Julie Proffit (Darlene's daughter)

Dad, Sean, Tina, Shannon and Granny at the Willy

Ross Park

Dad's 80th Birthday

Lynne, Gramma and Grampa

In the Aid Hall

Grandkids at 80

Party on

Tina, Rev. Ruth and Dad. At Dad's 80th party.

Dad with Bill and "Floccy"

Dad and Pat

Dad, Bill, Kate, and Rhea

Dad and John

Dad's 80th, with Mom and the grandkids

Dad's 80th, with Mom and the kids

With Uncle Acey at the 80th birthday party

Uncle Bob Brown, Dad, Mom, and Aunt Kate.

Lynne and her Grandpa

7-78 (Pictures I took?)

Dad 7-78.jpg

Grandma Bill 7-78

Jamie 7-78

Jeff 7-78

John 7-78

Jon 7-78

Lee2 7-78

Lee 7-78

Lynne 7-78

Sept. 78; 40th anniversary

Steve 7-78

40th anniversary. Jon is on the left

40th again


July 1978; 40th anniversary

On Vacation

At Sturbridge Village (?)

At Sandia Crest with Daisy.

Old Town Albuquerque maybe?

In the Strater Hotel in Durango, CO, boozin' it up

A svelt Pop at St. Augustine

Aztec, NM, and Indian settlement


Christmas dinner

Dad wearing jeans (!?)

Christmas around '94

Dad's new coat

During Christmas


Spring in Silvara

Silvara church

Springtime in Silvara

The little Dutch boy and Dutch Girl

The Dodge and the Nova

John & Steve on the merry-go-round at the Silvara School


Who? What? Where? Could that be Steve in Granny's arms?

What is this?

L to R, Standing in rear: Steve, Peggy Schmoll, Toni Schmoll, Tina, Sylvia Schmoll, unknown, Standing in front: John, Julie, unknown, and unknown